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There are two legal medical treatments available that effectively manage opiate dependency: methadone and Suboxone. Both treatments offer long-acting effects that aid in battling withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. 

No matter what treatment you and your doctor choose to work with, we will be here every step along the way to make sure you feel that it is best for you.

Below are listed the main differences between the two treatment options:








Any opiate.

This can include heroin, Fentanyl, morphine, Hydromorphone, codeine, Percocets, oxycodone etc.



No referral needed from another physician. The doctor will assess your withdrawal symptoms.

After assessment, the doctor will give you a test dose. After three days in a row of dosing, you may be reassessed to receive a dose increase in case you do not feel comfortable at the test dose. 

It may take weeks to reach a fully effective dose.

No referral needed from another physician. The doctor will assess your withdrawal symptoms. For Suboxone induction, depending on your drug of choice, you will have to be in withdrawal for a certain time frame from your last use. 

You will be given an initial test dose after being evaluated by a doctor, but you will have to come back a few hours later to be reassessed to make sure most or all withdrawal symptoms are gone.

A fully effective dose can be reached in a day or two.

A fully effective dose is one where feel no withdrawal symptoms throughout the day. **

Methadone is a liquid solution. Your dose is pumped into a disposable cup and then mixed with juice.

An orally disintegrating tablet placed under the tongue.

If you are covered through a private or government health plan,you may be eligible to be covered for methadone treatment.

If you are paying cash, the cost is $5.00 a dose.

Generic tablets 

$4 for 2mg $6 for 8mg
Brand-name tablets

$6 for 2mg $8 for 8mg

Reduces the craving for your drug of choice and withdrawal symptoms. 

Reduces the craving for your drug of choice and withdrawal symptoms.

Prevents overdose from injection with Naloxone in it (reword) When opiate is used on Suboxone they get sick, helps prevent use

Dry mouth is a common side effect, it may lead to tooth decay. Sedation, reduced libido, sweating, and weight gain are also possible.

The side effects are the same as methadone, though the effects are less pronounced.

With both forms of treatment, you will have to visit a pharmacy and observe the prescribed dose each day. Your doctor will want to see you at least once a week and have you submit urine tests when you begin your treatment in order to ensure that you are receiving a dose that works well for you. 

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