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At the Hamilton Clinic, we strive to break barriers.

Whether it involves helping you get a health card so you have easier access to care or by the space we create, we want to make everyone feel welcome.


The clinic's main focus with patient care is to make sure everyone feels welcome. We do this first and foremost by providing a therapeutic environment - a place that feels safe and helpful to you.


We ask those who come into our space to keep conversations light, helpful and positive.  If you are feeling distressed when you are with us, please let staff know you need help.


Talking about past or present drug use is prohibited.

It can be triggering for other people in the same space to hear these kinds of conversations. If you feel like you need a safe space to share your experience, we can direct you to group settings and supports within the community.

Here, we celebrate diversity and strive to make everyone feel accepted and respected.

It is the policy of The Hamilton Clinic not to discriminate against patients, staff, physicians, visitors or for any individuals within the clinic to discriminate against one another with regard to...

Sexual Orientation

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Gender Expression/Identity


Food and Body Image


Mental Health

Friendships/Family Life Stress

Sexual Harassment/Assault Discrimination

Hepatitis, HIV, and STIs



If something isn’t OK, please let us know.
If you have any questions, just ask!

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