The Hamilton Clinic staff and independent clinicians welcome you to our site. We hope you will find this information useful, whether or not you seek consultation here.

front staff We provide a range of clinical services for outpatient mental health needs. People who make appointments typically are struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, attention disorders in school, marital or family problems, dementias, and similar emotional-mental problems.

    Note, please, that we do not accept e-mail or social media for any personal, clinical matters. We realize that some clinics use e-mail and texting freely, but we believe that it is vital to actually hear your concerns, not just have a shortened, typed version of the problem.

#3 at 425 Fairview, Ponca City, Oklahoma


Dr. Simmons and Mrs. Kraft

Dr. Simmons and Mrs. Kraft

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November 29, 2015